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Council Member 2000-2008; 2012-2015; 2016 to present

President, State College Borough Council 2006-2008

National League of Cities - Finance, Administration and Governmental Relations Steering Committee

Pennsylvania Municipal League, Secretary, South Central District

Board Member, Downtown Improvement District

Member and Past President - College Heights Neighborhood Association

Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) Executive Committee, Personnel Committee

Chairperson of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Plaza Planning Committee

The Annual Stained Glass Window Tours

Cathy Dauler has been giving the Stained Glass Window Tours in the Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 208 W. Foster Ave., during 20 years. Cathy has been taking photos of the windows for years. All photos presented below belong to Cathy Dauler.

The Daily Collegian

Church offers stained glass windows tour
By Ryan Hogan

July 15, 2011

Anyone who chooses to attend Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 208 W. Foster Ave., can expect to see a wide range of colors and religious images during this weekend’s Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.

The church will be offering tours of their wide array of stained glass windows today and tomorrow between 10 a.m. and noon.

The 2011 Arts Festival will mark the 16th year that Saint Andrew’s window tours will be available.

Church member Cathy Dauler has been giving these tours from the start. Dauler is very knowledgeable about the history of the windows, and said she looks forward to giving the tours this year just as much as she has in the past.

“I have a long time interest in stained glass windows,” she said.

Dauler said she encourages everyone to stop in and see the windows.

“The artistry of the windows is superior. The colors are very vibrant and rich,” she said.

“If you have a chance during the Arts Fest you ought to walk into Saint Andrew’s to look and view these beautiful windows.

Dauler said she has been taking photos of the windows for years and it is a hobby of hers.

The windows have been installed over a period of 50 years. All the windows were made and placed by Willet Hauser Studios in Philadelphia, Dauler said.

The first window was installed in 1947 and the latest one in 1997. The windows are handmade, mouth blown and are all antique glass, Dauler said.

Julie Valora, administrative assistant at the church, said she encourages anyone who has interest in the artwork to attend a tour.

“We look forward to welcoming anyone who’s interested to Saint Andrew’s,” she said.

Both current students and alumni said they are anxiously anticipating attending a tour.

“I have stained glass windows in my church back home. I think they are beautiful and have amazing designs. The tour sounds interesting.” Taryn Weaver (freshman-hotel, restaurant and institutional management) said.

Alyson Frederick, Class of 2011, also said she is looking forward to viewing the window art.

“Stained glass is a very appealing form of art and can be quite breath-taking,” she said.

“It really adds to the beauty of churches and is great for displaying religious images.”



All photos are from a private collection of Cathy Dauler. All rights reserved.

The Te Deum Window

Alpha and Omega - Given by Jean Conway Stump and Derald W. Stump, Associate Rector, In thanksgiving for our Family.

Angel on left with trumpet - A gift by Miriam Hall, In thanksgiving for her daughter Gloria Meder and family.

Holy, Holy, Holy A Gift by Richard & Jacqueline Reich, In thanksgiving for our children Susan, Sharon, Nadine and Charles.

Angel middle left with trumpet - A Gift by Linda and Rick Hoover, In honor of our parents Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Strunk and Mr. & Mrs. Melvin R. Hoover, Sr.

Angel middle right with trumpet - A Gift by Linda and Rick Hoover, In thanksgiving for our children Jill and Robert Suter, Jeanne and Richard Hoover.

Lord God of Hosts - A Gift by Helen Chelius, In Loving Memory of Carl H. Chelius

Angel on right with trumpet - A Gift of the Weinstein family, In honor of James B. Trost Third Rector - 1965-1993

St. Andrew, Agnes of Rome Nicholas, Cuthbert - A Gift from Howard and Katherine Palmer, In Thanksgiving for our family

Gregory the Great, Augustine of Canterbury, Francis of Assisi and Clare – A Gift by Jean and William Gotolski, In Thanksgiving for all of God's Blessings

Julian of Norwich, Thomas Cranmer, Catherine of Sienna, George Herbert A Gift by Alberta Nelson, In Thanksgiving for all her loved ones

Christ the King - Center Panel, A Gift by the Chamberlain Family, In Loving Memory of Stuart Hay Chamberlain, Sr. 1906-1996 and by additional benefactors and donors

Monnica, John Chrysostom, Augustine of Hippo and Benedict of Nursia - A Gift by Dorothy L. McCoy, In Loving Memory of Wirth V. McCoy 1913-1996

Samuel Seabury, Absalom Jones, Jackson Kemper A Gift by Annie and George Harvey, In Loving Memory of their parents, Hester and Harry Campbell & Hazel and George Harvey

Bishop Charlie F. McNutt, Jr., Bernard Mizeki, James DeKoven - A Gift of Anne and Jane Snowdon
In Loving Memory of John Colin Snowdon 1932 – 1980 and Mark Andrew Snowdon 1962 - 1987
+ + +
A Gift from William M. and Jean VanDell Shirey, In Thanksgiving for Family & Friends
+ + +
A Gift by Annie and George Harvey


The Baptism of our Lord

The medallion of the baptism of our Lord is one of eight scenes above the high altar depicting major events in the life and ministry of Christ.

Through his baptism, Jesus symbolically tells us that he identifies with us and all humanity.

Jesus is seen standing in the Jordan as John the Baptist pours water over him. Our Lord is described as "My Son, The Beloved, with whom I am well pleased." (Matthew 3:17)

This window was given in memory of Canon and Mrs. Frear.

TransfigurationThe Transfiguration

The Transfiguration of our Lord is depicted in this scene above the high altar.

The disciples Peter, James and John hide their eyes while Jesus is encountered by the Father.

The voice from the cloud says “This is my Son, The Beloved, with Him I am well pleased; listen to Him.”

Jesus tells the disciples, “Get up and do not Be afraid.” The scene is one of eight depicting our Lord’s life in the window above The high altar.

The window was dedicated Palm Sunday, 1948 in grateful appreciation for the years of devoted service by the first priest and his wife, Canon and Mrs. Frear


Elijah’s Triumph Over The Priests of Baal

This portion of a larger window describes the dramatic contest between God’s prophet, Elijah, and the priests of Baal at Mount Carmel.

Elijah invites the Baal priests to build an altar and place wood on it and a sacrifice and then to pray to their god to set fire to the offering.

The priests of Baal agree and seek to offer the sacrifice.

They pray to Baal, cry out to him, dance about the altar and mutilate themselves, but nothing happens.

Elijah rebuilds the altar of the Lord at Mount Carmel, places wood on it and the sacrifice.

He then has enough water poured on it that it fills two trenches around the altar.

He prays to God, who sends fire to consume the offering.

“When all the people saw it, they fell on their faces and said, ‘The Lord indeed is God; the Lord indeed is God.’ “ (I Kings 18:20-39)

The window was given in memory of Elton D. and Louise B. Walker.


The Children's Window

"Our Lord Blessing the Children" is the title for this window. Installed in 1972, it seeks to express Christ's love for children. "Let the children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." (Mark 10:14)

This window was given in memory of Milton T. Lewis.


The Intimate Ministry

This window describes ministry to various individuals and is known as “The Intimate Ministry”.

In the upper right panel Jesus promises living water to the woman at the well (John 4).

In the middle panel Jesus is at the home of Mary and Martha of Bethany.

It is here that he reveals “There is only one thing needed:“ to hear the Word of God who is Jesus (Luke 10:38-42).

The lower section depicts Timothy being taught and nurtured in the faith by his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice (II Timothy 1:5).

In the upper left panel Jesus blesses the children of every race and nationality (Mark 10:13-15).

The window below shows Jesus with Nicodemus, who comes to Jesus in the night.

Jesus tells him he must be born anew (John 3:1-21). The lower panel depicts Hannah giving her long-awaited son Samuel to the service of God in the temple.

The young Samuel is received by the priest Eli and matures to become a prophet of whom the scriptures tell us, “The Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground” (I Samuel 1:1-28; quote from I Samuel 3:19).

This window was given as an act of thanksgiving by the family of A. William Hajjar.


The Great Window above the High Altar

The Great Window above the High Altar of St. Andrew’s is filled with symbolism.

At the very top of the window, the crown, lamb and dove represent the Holy Trinity.

The Alpha and the Omega symbolize the eternal Christ, the Beginning and the End through all ages.

The six angels are the heavenly hosts who worship God ceaselessly.

The medallions depict the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Baptism of our Lord by John the Baptist, the Transfiguration, Our Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem known as Palm Sunday, The Lord’s Supper or First Eucharist, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.

The small half rounds contain symbols of the Holy Apostles.

The Willet Company considers this to be one of the finest windows made by its studios.

The window was dedicated Palm Sunday, 1948 in memory of Canon Frear, the first priest to serve St. Andrew’s.


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