Catherine G. Dauler
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Council Member 2000-2008; 2012-2015; 2016 to present

President, State College Borough Council 2006-2008

National League of Cities - Finance, Administration and Governmental Relations Steering Committee

Pennsylvania Municipal League, Secretary, South Central District

Board Member, Downtown Improvement District

Member and Past President - College Heights Neighborhood Association

Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) Executive Committee, Personnel Committee

Chairperson of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Plaza Planning Committee

2017 Running for State College Mayor. PRESS RELEASE

Announcing Candidacy of Catherine Dauler for Mayor of State College

March 10, 2017

Catherine Dauler of State College announced her candidacy for Mayor of State College today. She has been a resident of State College for 35 years and a Borough Council member for 14 years, 2000-2007, 2012 to present, and past president of council for two years.

Catherine served as board member and past president of the College Heights Neighborhood Association and as a member of the Coalition of State College Neighborhoods. She serves as a board member to the Downtown Improvement District representing the Borough and has served on several Centre Region Council of Governments committees: Human Resources, Public Safety and Executive. Her involvement in the Pennsylvania Municipal League and as a member of two policy committees with the National League of Cities; Finance, Administration and Governmental Affairs and Race, Equity and Leadership have provided advocacy opportunities at both the state and national level.

“Local government is essential for building and sustaining communities. My commitment to shaping a promising future for State College includes good strategic decisions shared in partnership with Penn State and local businesses. We also need to continue our efforts with our representative in Harrisburg to find additional revenue enhancing alternatives for local government,” said Dauler.

“In these challenging times, we must not forget the importance of remaining a welcoming safe community. As your mayor, I pledge to promote civility, transparency, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our civic life,” Dauler continued.

Catherine is a teacher and tutor with private students. She has been a volunteer for over 25 years for Global Connections teaching English as a Second Language. She is also a supporter of Discovery Space and served on the fund raising committee.

Thank you,
Cathy Dauler

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